Chimney Camera Inpection (CCTV)

A cctv camera inspection of a flue will detect the existence of many hidden chimney problems. Problems that could cause harmful gases/smoke into your home. We look for blockages caused by animal nests, fallen debris, collapsed mid feathers, restriction caused by bends or other objects breaching the flue.

A cctv chimney inspection is often required by insurance companies if you’re looking to recover the cost of chimney repairs. For example many insurance companies demand a cctv survey be carried out as first step days to any insurance claim. We provide a full written report outlining our findings, problems discovered and the appropriate solutions, including costs

Why/when should you have your chimney cctv inspection?

  • After a chimney fire
  • If you are changing your heating appliance e.g changing to a fire stove
  • If there are any cracks or smoke marks on walls surrounding the chimney breast or stack
  • If you smell smoke in rooms other than the one with the chimney
  • If you are moving into a new house for safety reasons
  • If a requirement of your insurance company for recovering the costs of chimney damage