Tom and Sarah

A young couple in their late twenties just married and getting on the property ladder for the first time, exciting and expensive time. They were fortunate enough to have gathered enough money for the deposit on a three bed semi in Lucan, Co. Dublin.

Money was scarce as all their savings and wedding present monies had been used up on the deposit, luckily for the couple Tom’s dad Michael had been involved in construction most of his working life and knew a thing or two of what potentially could pop its head up and cost them money post purchase.

He strongly advised that before closing any sale that they should have a cctv survey done on both chimneys in the house.

Tom taking his dads advice contacted Concloda Chimneys a local chimney expert who sent their cctv engineer out without delay.

The result of the cctv showed that the chimney coming from the kitchen was fine but the chimney coming from the living room had multiple fractures and was in need of fully relining.

Concloda Chimneys then furnished Tom and Sarah with a full written report, a copy of the cctv footage and a quotation to carry out the relining work which Tom took to the selling agent and got the sale price reduced by this amount which enabled the couple get the work carried out after they purchased the house.