Cowls and Fans

We supply and fit a wide variety of cowls and chimney fans to overcome problems with downdraughts, poor draw, rain ingress and entry of birds while allowing ventilation of the flue.

What is a chimney fan?

A chimney fan is a unit that helps maintain a smoke and odour-free indoor climate when you are using your stove or fireplace. Chimney fans are fitted to your chimney and ensure optimal draft irrespective of weather conditions and location.

Optimal draft in your chimney makes lighting and restoking solid fuel fires easier and stops smoke spilling into the room. It also ensures optimal combustion and prevents ash and dust being blown into the room.

The chimney fan itself is an electrically powered ventilator. Its operation can be regulated using a control unit.

The chimney fan consists of a chimney fan connected to a manual or automatic control unit to adjust the draw of the fan. The chimney fan can be opened easily, enabling a chimney sweep to sweep the chimney and clean the chimney fan without any problems.