Fireback Installation & Replacement


A cracked or damaged fireback can allow smoke seep into the chimney stack and into bedrooms, spare rooms or attic spaces. This is a carbon monoxide hazard which should be repaired immediately.

There are many steps you can take to make your fire burn as efficiently as possible in order to get the most heat for your euro. While some of these can be costly, there is one initial step that can be taken that is relatively inexpensive. You can have a fireback installed or a damaged one replaced.

If you’d like a new one installed, or your current fireback is cracked and you want it replaced, you can count on Concloda Chimneys to carry out the job carefully, competently and at a very competitive price. A fireback that has been installed as a D.I.Y job or by an unqualified person may be less than 25% efficient.