When/Why should I reline my chimney?

When chimneys get old or have not been cleaned regularly they can deteriorate and create hazardous conditions. Cracks in the chimney masonry and flues can vent hazardous gases or even fire and embers in to your home. When faced with a damaged chimney interior you can choose to tear down the existing chimney or you can reline your chimney.

We can install all types of chimney liners , varying methods and materials will dictate the most suitable choice for your chimney repair. The most popular form is known as traditional method where it is clay liners that are used although there are other options such as flexi flue.

Purpose of a chimney liner

The purpose of a chimney liner is to keep carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, creosote and other products of combustion from seeping through the bricks and mortar of your chimney and leaking into your home?

We will inspect your chimney with CCTV so you can see the damage yourself and decide on the best course of action.